Utilizing the most advanced fertility technologies, clinical expertise and compassionate staff, Alka Hospital provides reproductive endocrinology and infertility services to our patients and their referring physicians.


All our efforts and services are designed to accomplish this mission.  Thus we will strive:

  • To be recognized for excellence and exceptional service;
  • To foster a caring environment in which our patients needs are respected and valued:
  • To maintain and environment that promotes satisfaction and opportunities for our employees, medical staff and patients;
  • To demonstrate by actions and results our commitment to continuous quality improvement.


Our actions to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision will be based on these values:

Service:We seek to deliver to our patients’ medical and surgical care that is what they seek, effectively and efficiently.

Commitment:We value all people, those we serve and those with whom we work.  We encourage the expression of ideas and consider suggestions from others.Staff:We recognize and respect our most valuable asset and resource.Teamwork:We seek to achieve a cooperative spirit within our staff, and with those to whom we serve.Responsive:We seek and welcome meaningful change, as renewal is the essence of survival.Improvement:We encourage improvement as we seek to achieve excellence in performance.